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Every two weeks, we put out a new episode of Kaala Radio, bringing you a look at the Japanese extreme music underground and the sounds they produce. Follow along on iTunes, SoundCloud, or YouTube.

Episode 25: The Wrasslin' Episode
Namami returns to talk wrasslin' with the boys

Actress, voice-actress, author, former ring-girl and current announcer Nanami returns to talk Japanese professional wrasslin' with Adam and Jharrod! Namami's bloodlust is in full effect as we learn about Ryan Gosling's salt-sauce face, Jharrod's complete ignorance in regard to The Rock's real name, and Adam's undying passion for every single Joshi wrestler. Plus we explore the weird and wild world of Japanese underground wrestling, starting with madman Jun Kasai and ending with blow-up doll wrestler Yashihiko.

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Episode 24: Crack Isn't Necessary

Where to begin! We talk Noise, Adam's NuMetal project, the concept of sound, Lobster Assault, $hallow Grave, gear, Noise as a genre, Kenji Kuroda (aka Darklaw), sonic photographs, getting tagged by Indian production companies, and introduce the worst person in the world: a young man named Jart. It's Kaala's Noise episode and it's gonna challenge you. Get ready Hot Freddie it's Kaala Radio episode 24! Links to Kenny's music -- https://www.facebook.com/FACIALMESS/ Links to the interview we did with Kenny -- https://www.kaala.jp/blog/2017/09/30/tokyo-noise-an-interview-with-facialmess/ Playlist Man Is The Basrard -- "Faces of the Man" Kazumoto Endo -- "Last Train to Nishi-Funabashi" Guilty Connector -- "Asagaya Crystal Crypt (The Suginami Dungeon)" LIKE WEEDS -- "They Grow (side A)"

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Episode 23: Murder and Politics, Part 2
Aaron never met an acronym he couldn't screw up

Aaron and Jharrod finish off their investigation into the recent Japanese elections and examine the results, but not before discussing local shows, local bands, and local murders.

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Episode 22: Japanese Politics in a Very Large Nutshell
Jharrod and Aaron go through the state of Japanese politics past and present

Monosugoi Hikari opens this episode of Kaala Radio with a track from their fifth demo that starts off as a wacky circus tune before transitioning abruptly into a wonderful grind track. It's a two-man operation this time around as Jharrod and Aaron go over the weekend shows and the bands performing therein, Joel's big ol' muscles, and finish by diving dick-first into the state of Japanese politics.

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Episode 21: The Gangs All Here
The boys (and Audrey) are back in town to talk Tokyo metal, wrestling, rope torture, and pasta

Season three of Kaala Radio begins NOW! Former-guest-turned-new-host Adam helms the new series with his strong, callused, Brazilian hands and Costanza-level neuroticism, and brings the Kaala gang together to look back over 2017 and give you the inside scoop for 2018. Towards the end Aaron completely ruins the bathroom and Audrey is speaking through a scarf to protect her delicate nose.

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Episode 20: the Big Cheese in Seattle
Matt interviews Joseph and Emily of Invisible Oranges

We've got a real treat for you guys on our extra-long 20th episode: Kaala's Glorious Leader, Matt Ketchum, returns to Kaala Radio to interview Joseph Schafer, editor-in-chief of Invisible Oranges, as well as Emily McCafferty, one of his staff writers. Together they discuss the Seattle scene, Northwest Terror Fest, the creeping return of nu-metal, Matt's accidental appearance at a Christian metal show, and you'll get to here some Seattle/northwest-based bands as well as new tracks from our friends in Tokyo metal band Evil! Playlist "Mandala" - Evil "Paralyzer" - He Whose Ox Is Gored "Bone Chapel" - The Drip "Slaves Beyond Death" - Black Breath "Of Winged Fire and Crawling Shadow" - Isenordal "Sword of Stupa" - Evil "Rites of Evil" - Evil

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Episode 19: Grind and Bondage
The gang interviews Kubine of Self Deconstruction and talk about rope bondage

Kubine of Self Decontstruction stops by the studio to answer our insipid questions, Aaron wakes up in a bathtub after the Tokyo tattoo festival, Audrey (aka Suzy Gomatik www.instagram.com/suzygomatik/?hl=en ) tells us all about her experience with the art of Japanese rope bondage, and we discuss the filthiest band name in all Japan (JK肉壺切断 twitter.com/nikutubosetudan ). Plus, Jharrod reveals that once upon a time he was a Strong Man with Muscles. Sweet holy hell it's Kaala radio!

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Episode 18: Leif Returns, Makes Fun of Everything, Leaves
the gang talks about the Hanami party and Leif bicycling across America

We cram a lot in a little amount of time with good friend Leif as we discuss the following: discovering comrades in unlikely places, Hanjob: The Bike, Galleria de Muerte's Brutal Doodles, Jordan biting faces, indulging in a decade-old grudge, making fun of Jordan, and Leif bicycling all the across the entire damn United States. Every has had at least seven beers at the time of this recording.

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Episode 17: Adam of Disrotted remembers the 90s
The gang remembers the halcyon days of the 1990s and discuss how to move to Japan

Adam from Chicago-based Disrotted stops by only a few months after his tour of Japan and reveals his intentions of moving to this fair island. Suzy Kreuger is back in the studio as well, and the gang discusses the coming meme wars of 2017, the best music from the 90s, and how one actually goes about moving to Japan.

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Episode 16: NEEEEERD
Jharrod and Aaron talk with Panoptic Press big-wig Justin Knipper

Possibly the nerdiest episode to date, Jharrod and Aaron invite Panoptic Press (www.thepanopticpress.com/) publisher Justin Knipper to the studio to talk comics, metal, and Japan. Is Marvel suffering from too close an association with Hollywood? Is comic-based TV any good? How does one make an independent comic these days? These questions and more answered on Kaala Radio 17! (NOTE: there was an audio issue with the later half of the interview; due to this problem our producer had to patch the missing half together from various sources. Forgive us our imcompetence)

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Episode 15: The Morning After
the gang gets together the morning after the big show to discuss green poo

It's a full house at the studio when frequent Kaala Radio guest Jordan returns, ostensibly to assist Aaron and Jharrod but more likely because he has nowhere else to go, but forget him because on this episode we also have special guest Suzy Krueger (www.instagram.com/suzygomatik/) to discuss the strangely colorful aftermath of the Kaala Presents: Eros Revenant! But that's not all - we all have a secret guest, someone we've wanted on the show and have mentioned a half-dozen times, someone active in the Tokyo underground extreme music scene. His hair is long and he loves cats, and that's all we're going to say about him.

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Episode Daath
Sometimes you can't polish a turd enough for the FCC

IT'S A KAALA RADIO INTERNET EXCLUSIVE! For those of you who don't know, Kaala Radio is also broadcast on WRCT in Pittsburgh, PA and our producer works hard to clean up the horrible language we use on a regular basis in order to make the podcast fit the cruel FCC standards. Sometimes, however, we have audio equipment issues, or files get lost, or the dirtbags on this show display such utter distaste for decency that our over-worked producer has to abort the whole process. This is one of those times, which is why we named this episode after the aborted Sepirot haunting the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Featuring bands such as Life, Abigail, and Jk肉壺切断 (JK nikutubosetudan)!

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Episode 14
An Interview with Nori

We decided to do a punk theme this time around, and sweet holy hell do we have a show for you! We snagged the punkest dude we know and got him to spill his guts, so get ready to hear Nori, bass player for Life and former bassist of more than two dozen bands over the past thirty years, tell you all about growing up punk in a land where the nail that sticks up gets hammered. Getting arrested, being under surveillance, squat culture, it's a non-stop story of excitement and danger and discrimination. It ain't the same ol' song and dance, it's Kaala Radio 14!

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Episode 13
Japanese Tattoos, History and Present

It's a treat for inked-up scumbags everywhere! Special guest Eric Hurlburt joins Jharrod and Aaron to talk about the history of tattoos in Japan as well as modern tattoo culture. Find out which host once had an embarrassing barbed-wire tattoo, learn which former Osaka mayor we hate most of all, and listen to music from bands like Gallhammer, Orgasm Grind Disruption, Horse and Deer, Disgunder, and more!

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Episode 12
Style, taste, and beer

Shut the front door, because prodigal son Tom Giles is back from his adventures through time and space! Today we talk about style, about why some bands put out the same album ten times in a row, and about what the definition of "style" is, all while hosts Aaron and Tom try not to disappear up their own assholes. Are you interested in the philosophy of art? No? Well tough titty said the kitty, because this is Kaala Radio Episode 12!

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Episode 11
Death & Ghosts

SWEET HOLY DEATH! Aaron and Jharrod interview author, actress, voice-actress, translator, wrestling anouncer, and Japanese death-metal fan Nanami and hold the first (and very likely last) spooky story-telling concert at Roppongi's Bar Brujeria. All this and so much Japanese extreme music you'll choke on it!

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Episode 10
Bed, Bath & BeYawn

Suffering Christ in hell, we made it to double digits! Kaala radio is back with El Jefe de Kaala, Matt Ketchum, and long-suffering editor/producer, Aaron Krall, each more hungover than twelve bastards on a Sunday morning as they discuss the strange shadows on the horizon heralding horrors no less awful than a second wave of rap-metal and the rumoured death of their favourite Disney character haunting the streets of Shinjuku's Golden Gai. All of this plus music by Lurking Fear, Evil, and Abigail on an episode so momentous that Matt didn't even get out of bed while we recorded it. Is it a bed sheet meat show? No you dummy, it's Kaala Radio episode 10!

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Episode 9

Sweet holy hell! Tom Giles is back in the captain's chair and together with Kaala's Glorious Leader of 1000 Years, Matt "Wet Mouth Sounds" Ketchum, he's interviewing one of his death metal idols. He's a man, he's a mystery, he's wearing the same shirt as Tom, he's Takashi from Anatomia and Transgressor and a half-dozen other bands! You'll hear death metal from way back in the mythical era of the late 80s, and more contemporary tracks from bands like Anatomia, Wormridden, Defiled, Little Bastards, plus so much more!

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Episode 8
w/ Matt, Aaron, and Jharrod

Kaala dictator-for-life Matt Ketchum talks about booking shows in Tokyo and Jharrod, AKA J-rod, J-Rodimus, and Jacky D-bag, gives us the inside scoop about Japanese broadcast laws that prevent anyone from ever hearing Japanese music with teeth. Hot Diggity Dammit, it's Kaala Radio Episode 8!

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Episode 7
w/ Tom & Matt

August in Japan means... death! That's right, its Obon season and no one is around, so we got together to discuss the state of things in the underground music scene of Japan and the world in 2016. With a nice mix of doom, punk, and experimental music, this is a different version of Kaala Radio than has been aired before!

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Episode 6
w/ Pablo (Bafomet)

Tom, Matt and Aaron sit down with Pablo (Bafomet, ex-Battalion (Chile)) to talk about incredibly unlikely Germans, The (Chilean) Way of the Sword, and his experience getting established in Japan's outstanding extreme music underground. Also have a very special playlist featuring some of his favorites from both Japan and Chile, so tune in for this scandalous episode of Kaala Radio! Playlist: 1. Magane - Into the Fire 2. Pentagram - Demoniac Possession 3. Batallion - The Way of the Sword 4. Crowley - Stalker 5. Yoshida Brothers - Overland Blues 6. Catafalco - Entrance/Ancient Invocations 7. Metalucifer - Monster of the Earth 8. Acero Letal - Duro Metal 9. Imbaru - Entre Raíces y Silencios 10. Yokohama Ginbae - Tsuppari High School Rock 'n' Roll

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Episode 5
w/ Tom, Aaron (Retch), Matt

Your main Kaala Radio hosts Tom, Matt, and Aaron take a load off and shoot the shit abut Bizzare Voices, cryptic wooden structures deep underground, saboteurs, and a little city in Western Pennsylvania called Pittsburgh. Kaala Radio Ep. 5 Track List: 01 Desecravity - Demonize the Old Enemy 02 Funeral Sutra - Hope 03 Vampillia - Day of Departure, Be a Devil Has No Mercy and Just Move Forward _ Deathtiny Land Railroad 04 Vampillia - Wonderfully, Whole Luck Is My Side. _ Alice in Murderland 05 Shikabane - 人のために生きるか 自分のために生きるか 06 Transgressor - Limbless Doom 07 Def.Master - Blaze 08 Valkylie - Dark Lake 09 Infernal Revulsion - Trapped in Concrete, Seek Insanity 10 Vortex - Burnt with Thoughts 11 Acrostix - Awave 12 Sigh - Hail Horror Hail 13 Life - What's The Nature

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Episode 4
w/ Makoto of Funeral Moth

Tom & Matt sit down with Makoto (Funeral Moth, Weird Truth Records) to talk about the weird, slow world of contemporary Funeral Doom in Japan. Check out what he's got to say about composing, recording, and distributing some of Japan's heaviest metal on this episode of Kaala Radio! Tracklist: Gotsu Totsu Kotsu - Kamisori Go-Zen - IS Twin Blades DMBQ - She Walks --- Funeral Moth - Behind the Closed Door Begrabnis - Fahr zur Hole Deadly Spawn - Lunatic Mainliner - Black Sky Misako Honjo - Endless Chain LSD March - Bishonure no Kimi Flower Travellin’ Band - Satori 1

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Episode 3
w/ Paul of Funeral Sutra & Naru of Butcher ABC

Tom teams up with Matt to talk work-life balance, armchair Black Metal philosophies, and Deathgrind tours of Middle America, with a bouquet of D&D, with Paul of Funeral Sutra & Naru of Butcher ABC/CSSO/Obliteration Records.

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Episode 2
w/ Shusuke & Kenji of Zothique

Kaala Radio host Tom & Kaala contributor Aaron team up with Zothique's Shusuke & Kenji to discuss their origins, trajectory, and how they got such a psychologically punishing sound.

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Episode 1
Makiko from F.i.D and Kaala's founder Matt

Makiko from Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation (aka F.i.D.) talks about the history of the band, and Kaala's founder Matt speaks about what Kaala is doing.

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