Doomed Spring '19: 11 Days in Tokyo with Summoned By Giants, Floaters, Bell Witch, Primitive Man, and Coffins


Japanese metal Doom Tours

Kaala and Seattle’s own Substation have partnered up to start producing joint bi-coastal tours between Japanese and Seattle bands. On our inaugural run, we’ve paired Seattle’s stoned sorcerers Summoned by Giants with Tokyo sludgelords Floaters!

At the same time, Seattle’s revered Doomologists, Bell Witch, are heading over to Tokyo with Denver’s nastiest neanderthals, Primitive Man, for a triple threat tour with everyone’s favorite Death-Doom kvltists, Coffins!

But here’s the thing: we want you, the legions of heavy music fans, to go, too.

SO! If you choose to accept your Metal Mission, from April 10th to the 22nd, you will be immersed in the wildly heavy and outstandingly diverse underground of Japan, seeing old favorites and completely new acts alike. Not only that, we’ll also be taking you to some of Japan’s best craft breweries, riding some of the world’s gnarliest rollercoasters, and maybe even explore some of Japan’s lesser-known regions on foot for what is sure to be an absolute blast.

Sound interesting? Of course it does! So head over to KAALA TOURS for the adventure of a lifetime!