Episode 29: Season 4 Starts, Not With a Bang, But With Something Else Besides a Bang

As the Kaala boys crack open season 4 you'll get to hear Jharrod report on Asakusa Deathfest 2018 and Aaron whine about how he's depressed. You'll also get the lowdown on what happens when you get arrested in Japan, how much that fucking sucks, and what you should do in case it happens to you. Also, check out Jharrod and Adam's t-shirt company Jubokko Productions for some rad metal/horror film shirts here and be sure to follow them on Instagram!


Abigail - "Ready for Fucking Drunk"

Teethgrinder - "Death of the Individual"

Inhumate - "A Trip"

Unholy Grave - "Death by Terror"

Bafomet - "Leviathan's Priest"

Boris - "Death Valley"