Episode 27: The Boy(s) Are Back in Town

A familiar voice returns to Kaala Radio as the Once and Future King, Tom Giles, comes down to the studio with Thom Smith to tell Aaron and Audrey all about their new album! You'll get to hear some track's from Retch's first full-length album, Anathema, as well as:

--the torturous process of recording

--Thom's art

--Audrey getting cursed by transients in the south of France

--Tom being mean to Thom about Thom's art

--Everyone bitching about how kids mosh these days

--New York vs Tokyo

Pick up their album at these fine retailers! Bandcamp Diskunion


Retch -- "Palace of Tears"

Retch -- "Suffering"

Funeral Sutra -- "Grace"

Retch -- "Temple of Vermin"

Retch -- "Mass Homicide"