Slaughterhaus 2 Photo Gallery by K. Dunaway

Banner and slim photos by K. Dunaway

The Kaala Sleuth keeps growing as the various riff raff of the Tokyo underground join our ranks. Photographer and artist K. Dunaway has joined us and brought with her some fantastic photos of our last gig Slaughterhaus 2 at the legendary El Puente. Be sure to check out her other work at her website and Facebook page!

My name is K. Dunaway and I am a Japan based artist, writer, and concert photographer. My passion is blending art with music. Looking through a lens I feel that there is a way to transfer the feeling one gets by listening to a specific type of music directly into photographic form.

I feel that as an artist expresses themselves on stage, that is one moment that can never happen again. Each experience we have, no matter how similar to a former experience, is always something new every time. It is specifically what I aim to capture within my photographic work. Thoughts, memories, passion, and talent.

I am drawn specifically to the rock and metal scene, but I have photographed a variety of shows. My writing has been published on as well as for,, and Tokyo Calling.