Sex Prisoner PUTV Tour 2018: Spring is Coming, You're Moshing

Spring is on the way, and while I’m as stoked as ever about getting buzzed under the cherry blossoms, I’m even more stoked about the upcoming Sex Prisoner tour. Hailing from Tucson, Arizona Sex Prisoner are at the forefront of the modern wave of powerviolence. Frantically alternating between blistering fast parts and braindead down-tempo sections, these guys have come into their own tremendously over their last couple releases. Writing a powerviolence LP is a tough task but 2016’s Tannhäuser Gate was a monster of a release, and their 2017 split with France’s Harm Done is equally destructive. In a post-Weekend Nachos world, Sex Prisoner carry the hallowed Jock Powerviolence torch.

Joining Sex Prisoner for the duration of their tour is Yokohama’s Fight It Out, and they'll be joined by local bangers such as Super Structure, Completed Exposition, Palm, Friendship, and Saigan Terror in their respective cities. It’s warming up and this promises to be a rager so leave those hot-ass leather jackets and boots at home, put on some shorts and Air Maxes, and get your fucking mosh on.