Enter the Devouring Room With Invictus

Our friend Stefan (Crash Syndrom) recently joined the Kaala team, and his first contribution is an interview with Nagano Prefecture's Death Metal act Invictus! Read the interview below and be sure to check out their Bandcamp!


1. Hi! Let’s get started with a band introduction!

Hi! I am Takehitopsy. I play guitar and vocals for the band Invictus. After always having the urge to play death metal I started this band around 4 years ago. A year later our current lineup was formed!

2. I know you already have released a split CD with the Korean Brutal Death act Fecundation, via Obliteration Records. Also you appeared on compilation Grind Bastards and have a solid music video! Do you have any release plans for the future?

Yeah, we are currently planning to appear on this year’s Grind Bastards compilation, and we are working on our first full-length!

3. What is the influence for Invictus? What is the direction for future Invictus?

Oh that’s a tough one. I guess bands such as Demolition Hammer, Spawn of Possession, Morbid Angel, Malevolent Creation, and so on... The list can go way longer, but those are the biggest influences. I’m not sure if you can hear it when listening to our songs though. More than anything we are influenced by Thrash Metal and old school Death Metal. That always has an impact on our direction. Also being a fan of Technical and Prog metal, I think it’s possible for us to add those elements too. As our skills improve, it will definitely be reflected in our new songs.

4. Maybe not many Japanese metalheads from Tokyo are aware of this as well, but would you tell us about the Nagano metal scene situation? What are the bands and events going on there?

For a long time here in Nagano city there has been a Hardcore and Grindcore scene. And recently Metal scene is getting bigger here too. Not so long ago, it was hard to find or book a show with a Metal-only lineup.

I would recommend the Black Metal act Pure, for Thrash Metal check out Militia, the Deathcore band Umber Mist, and for Power Metal Gate Guardian. Recently we’re getting more Metal bands, and they're a bit different than bands from the city (Tokyo). I recommend you come and see them!

As for gigs/events, first of all there is an event called Nagano Extreme which is a collaboration of Obliteration Records and us. Doesn't matter if its old school or new school, but this regular event is for Death Metal mainly. Also there is the Rotten Circus event, which we played at a few times as well. This event covers a wide variety in the Metal genre, which makes it fun to hang out at! Last is the Damage Hell event, organized by veterans Zagio Evha Dilegj. This is mainly a Grindcore oriented show, and many bands from other prefectures come to play.

5. There are plenty of different lyrical topics in Death Metal, from gory stories to historical events. What are the topic of your lyrics?

Yeah um as for us...well I like religion and mysteries, occult stuff, so we have those themes in our lyrics, also themes of imagination and nightmares, right? Haha. For example, in the song "Devouring Room," I was just sitting in my room and thought what if the room could devour you, that's scary kind of stuff haha. It’s like having an image from the riffs, you have a picture in your imagination and then you come up with the lyrics and title.

6. Thanks so much for your answers and your time! Any last word for our readers?

Thanks for the interview! We want to record the new album soon and have tons of gigs, so hope to see you at our shows!

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