Call from the Grave: Su19b's "Neutralize"

Adam Jennings


Banner image: Natsumi Okano

Su19b has a reputation for being one of the most mysterious bands in the powerviolence scene. While many bands who are given the tag of powerviolence tend to become increasingly stale as their catalog grows, su19b has found a way to up the ante with every release. This new album entitled "Neutralize" proves to be no different as they continue to get darker, weirder and more mind-numbing.

This album should appeal to many different fans of extreme music. Obviously the powerviolence fans will be happy with the constant mix of fast and slow on this new album, however metal fans would be remiss to ignore this developing quality of Su19b's sound.

Synapse Possessed brings to mind both Incantation with the discordant and fucked-up riffing, yet also C.U.M. and Lymphatic Phlegm since it features vocals that sounds as if they being broadcast from the seventh layer of alien hell. It honestly sounds like an mutant lifeform being dumped into a tub of acid. Just pure, gross intensity.

Neutralize continues on though and reveals to the listener the dark and twisted minds behind Su19b. One moment, the band is going at the pace of a slug covered in tar, but at the drop of a dime cn have you headbanging and fist banging to a Celtic Frost or Coffins-esque groove as heard on the track Discordant Mantras.

Infected is a total Su19b classic, as is Into the Ritual. These could be considered some of the best tracks that the band has ever recorded in their lengthy career. By the time the Bathory cover has come, you are no longer a mere observer to this demonic hell ritual; you are now fully involved in the sadism and torture curated by Su19b.

This album should appeal to both fans of California-style powerviolence as well as fans of Incantation and Nuclear War Now's extensive catalog. This is truly frightening music and I eagerly await Su19b's next moves. Congratulations, and here's to another 20 years of black-as-coal powerviolence!

You can buy Neutralize on Bandcamp here, and give it a listen below!