Kaala Radio Episode 21: The Gang's All Here

Season three of Kaala Radio begins NOW! Former-guest-turned-new-host Adam helms the new series with his strong, callused, Brazillian hands and Costanza-esque neuroticism, and brings the boys (and Audrey) back together to look back on 2017 as well as dish the inside scoop for upcoming events in 2018. Towards the end Aaron completely destroys the bathroom, forcing Audrey to speak through the scarf protecting her delicate nose.


“Morbid Angel of Death” - Butcher ABC

“Disaster” - Self Deconstruction

“No Savior” - Self Deconstruction

“NERD SMASHER” - Lizzard Wizzard

“Morbid Hallucination” - Anatomia

“Uncanny Descension” - Anatomia

“Daybringer” - GUEVNNA