Staff Picks September 2017


Concert Japanese underground

It's been over a week since Jim Broadly has once again disappeared on us, which is a relief to us as his drunken and vicious tirades on Slack chat eventually take a toll on us. In any case, a few of us got together to do the Staff Picks for September. So if you're in Tokyo and wondering how to get to shows or where to start, we still got you covered.

Jharrod (Event Organizer, Obake Kuma): September is crazy, just crazy I tell you. Not only has Editor in Chief Jim Broadly disappeared, which has allowed us to slack off and enjoy a bit of freedom over the past week, but Lizzard Wizzard is finally hitting Japan’s shores this month. This tour has been awhile in the making and the Kaala Sleuth alongside Self Deconstruction and Necropolis worked on putting it together. I’ll be attending all of the Tokyo and Yokohama shows. But the show that I’m really looking forward to is the final one on their tour at El Puente on September 24th with Floaters, Funeral Moth, and Lifeblood. I’ve been going to a lot of Hardcore and Grind shows the past few months, so a night filled with Funeral Doom, Depressive Black Metal, and Groovy Stoner is just what the doctor ordered. Special mention goes to Akiba Extreme with 注射針混入豚(Needle Contaminated Pork), Strangulation, Crash Syndrom, and more!

Suzy (Illustrator, Mama Kuma): Mirror, Mirror,on the wall, what month is the busiest of them all ? That’s right peeps, it’s September. Too many good shows, too little time and money but what the hell, with North Korea ready to nuke us at any moment, I better go to as many shows as possible so if I die, I’ll die a happy woman. First stop this month will be at Shinjuku Loft for the Keep and Walk fest 2017 to see Super Structure, Forward and Palm (will I do both days? Stay tuned to discover if I will or will not win the lottery). Then Ogikubo Pit Bar to catch Lizzard Wizzard, GxFxFx and Worship Pain. Finally, I’ll crash Shindaita FEVER on september 18th, because I’ve only seen NoLa at 20,000v and I’ve been waiting to see VVORLD and Square the Circle for a while now. You can also catch me and the other members of the Kaala team at El Puente for Lizzard Wizzard’s last Japan show! Jharrod tells me I have to choose my top pick though, it’s a tough decision but I have to go with Lizzard Wizzard at Pit Bar on September 23rd!

Adam (Writer, Ojiisan Kuma): Scumraid hails from Korea and Japan and plays a noise riddled style of dbeat that is infectious, raw and can also be compared to a chainsaw to the mouth. Seoul's premiere punks play Earthdom on September 27th alongside Obstruction(USA) and Life. Will surely be a sweaty Wednesday night in Shin Okubo. I'll be up front and center at this show to bear witness to the lesson in violence that Scumraid will lay onto Earthdom. Do not miss this!