FECUNDATION: Our Korean Brutal Death Brothers

Recently, one of our number here at Kaala, Adam was bumming around the Korean peninsula when he managed to catch a Fecundation show in Seoul. Scribbled on a piece of birch bark delivered to my office shortly after were the following words: "Witnessing this insane 2 piece death metal band can only be compared to the sound of hundreds of pigs being fed into a wood chipper. Not only was it truly disgusting to witness, it really made me think back to my teens years when I first witnessed bands like Skinless, Anal Blast, Lividity, and Vomit Remnants live. This band is waving the flag for modern technical death metal while also giving a nod to the late 90s bands that pioneered the sound. Also, the DPRK is really pissed at me and I desperately need you to-" blah blah blah. Intrigued, I returned the scrap of tree bark to its unknown sender with instructions to follow up with an interview. I made it clear to the author that he would not leave the penninsula alive without an interview clutched in his filthy fist. Birch bark moves around the world slowly, but the finished form has finally arrived and I offer it to you now.

Jim Broadly, editor-in-chief

ADAM: Hey man! Disrotted had the pleasure of playing with Fecundation in Seoul back in January and that is where we met. Please introduce yourself to the readers and describe Fecundation to them.

FECUNDATION: What's going on guys? This is Chuck. I do guitars and vocals for my band Fecundation. We are the one and only technical brutal death metal band from both South and North Korea, if i'm not wrong. Formed in 2013, so far we have 1 full-length EP and 1 split album. We are more than stoked to fecundate more brutality. By the way, it was a big pleasure for me to share stage with Disrotted too. We should make it happen again!

It was cool hanging out with you and seeing that you had both Disgorge (US) and Vomit Remnants tattoos. Those are two bands that really influenced me growing up. Seeing Vomit Remnants in the States was, to this day, one of the coolest god damned experiences I’ve ever had. Fecundation reminds me of those early brutal bands from the late 90's yet also mixes in a lot of awesome newer influences. Can you tell me what bands really getting your creative juices going?

Definitely those two bands were big influences for sure, especially for the brutal riffing. Although when i formed the band, i started from Carcass. Necroticism and Heartwork hit me hard back when i was younger. I copied their riffs a lot and I ended up tuning my guitar just like them for the band. So yeah, if you guys check our first record you will find differences between first record and others. Later on i wanted to sound more brutal and started ripping off bands like Disgorge, Decapitated, Deeds of Flesh, etc.

What did you think of the Vomit Remnants reunion?

I was so happy for their reunion and got to see their last show. Oh wait -- it wasn't their last show. Well anyway I wanna see them again on stage. Maybe I'll get chance to share a stage one day?

You recently played in Japan while on tour with Disentomb. How were those shows?

We played twice in japan, a total of six shows. Man, it was just amazing. Audiences were awesome, great sound systems, and killer bands played with us. We are more than down to play there anytime! And yeah, Disentomb. AWESOME GUYS. Had so much fun with them. Hope to see them in a near future.

You also have a release on Obliteration Records, run by Naru of Butcher ABC. How did you get hooked up with him?

Naru-san! The great friendship began towards the end of 2016. We got invited to this death metal show in Osaka for Christmas, and it was like the first ever invitation for a gig outside of Korea so i was hoping to get more shows in Japan for our first tour. I asked my buddy Yuying Lee 'What should i do to get more gigs in japan?' and he said 'Naru is the guy'. We talked online about the tour and Naru suggested releasing a split album with this Japanese band Invictus. Another great friendship! So our first tour became a split release show. It was totally EPIC. That's how we began and he's been hooking us up with killer shows in Japan ever since.

Can you describe what the scene is like right now in Seoul? What bands are really grabbing your interest?

Our scene over in Korea is so tiny compared to Japan or other countries in Asia or anywhere. As for death metal, I'd say there's no scene for it. We are the first new death metal band in ten years and i don't see any other bands besides us, so i started getting along with punk friends and naturally blended into their scene. This dude Yuying helped us a lot for this mix. He is owner of Korea's one and only underground club, GBN, and that is THE place for the Korean metal-punk underground scene. From the bands i've seen at GBN, Scumraid and LPP would probably be my favorites. Reason? Loud as FUUUUUG.

What are your goals for Fecundation for the rest of the year and for 2018? Any plans on going to the States?

We are currently working on a full-length album. We hope to finish it very soon and release before our upcoming Indonesian tour in December, which we’re really stoked about now. It is going to be a tour with killer bands from Indonesia and Posthumous Blasphemer from Belarus. Actually, before that happens we will be playing in Japan again for Naru's Asakusa Death Fest in October, which is going to be sick as well. For 2018? Maybe get my chops up for creating sicker sounding music? Definitely gonna try to write more trippy riffs.

True or false: Longsleeve shirts and camo shorts are the best outfit to wear year round.

True for the longsleeves and shorts, although if someone wears camo they become instantly invisible. Shit, that's cool actually.

Ok, so I have to know: what are your top favorite brutal albums? If I had to name the first three albums that come to mind, I would say Fleshgrind’s Destined for Defilement, Internal Bleeding’s Voracious Contempt and Devourment’s Molesting the Decapitated. What are your all-time favorites, and why?

Damn, all three albums that you mentioned are some of my favorites as well. I love all the classic brutal death metal stuff for sure, but i will pick three from after 2000:

1. Decapitated, Nihility

Vogg's (The guitar player from Decapitated) early riffs were just so amazing. He is one of the riff-monsters for sure, although their newer stuff isn’t to my taste.

2. Disavowed, Stagnated Existence

Another killer riff factory. Along with Pyaemia I dig these Dutch death metal dudes so much. Geniuses! i gotta rip off some riffs later haha...

3. Iniquitous Deeds, Incessant Hallucinations

OMFG this Focking album...when i first heard this...totally shocked about it. I felt so skeptical about my death metal chops compared to theirs. Those alien riffs were especially impressive. I consider this album as one of the best newer brutal death albums, so if you haven't checked this one out yet, please do...

Thanks for the interview! Any final words?

Thank you for an awesome interview! I had so much fun doing it! Readers: please check us out if you haven't!

You dirty dogs can check out Fecundation on their bandcamp or on facebook. Go Forth and Get Brutal!