Staff Picks August 2017

I know what you`re thinking. "They skipped a whole month in spring, and now the August update is days late? Looks like Broadly is losing his touch!" Allow me to explain:

1. Fuck you

2. There is no number two

It`s hot and humid here in Tokyo, the sort of weather that makes you want to go out at night and punch a cop or fuck a complete stranger, the sticky kind of heat that turns you into a Russian teenage runaway werewolf prostitute that needs to be chained to the radiator before every full moon lest you run out into the street and fingerbang the mayor in front of the mayor`s wife. Shit gets weird in August, is what I`m saying, and as the good Doctor used to say, "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro". With that in mind we`ve asked former Kaala Radio guest Adam to join the team, or rather rejoin since he was always a part of Kaala. All members of Kaala are born members of Kaala, and joining the team is simply the act of remembering what you`ve always known deep inside. I`ve said this a dozen times, but who listens to an old drunk knuckles-deep in a cop? Certainly not the cop, I can tell you that.

Anyway, here are the Staff Picks for the month of August in the year of our Lord 2017.

Jim Broadly, editor-in-chief

Adam (new fish, live wire): Well, it finally happened! I have moved to Japan, joined the Kaala team and have given birth to an August show of the month pick for August. And I could not think of a better show to write about than the one happening on August 20th at Outbreak. If you remember my apperance on the podcast a few months back (where we talked about everything from teaching English to nu metal), you will know that I love pro wrestling. And this show at Outbreak is being organized by the man known as "Crazy Monkey" Jun Kasai. He is famous for jumping off ladders, falling through glass, eating thumbtacks and being ripped apart by barb wire. Basically, he is my idol. Playing this show will be two of my favorite bands in Japan as well - the mighty Abigail and Napalm Death is Dead. Doraid and Shootmaster are also on the bill, and the doors are at 6:30 in the fucking morning. So for all you coffee drinkin’ morning grinders like myself, this will be a fun experience. Thrash, grind, coffee, and death match wrestling with a legend. What more can you ask for?

Jharrod (old fish, cold hands): This month is a tough one, with SUNDR coming through and later Full of Hell touring with The Body and Friendship, it’s hard to make any sort of decision this month. I’ll definitely be at least seeing SUNDR at some point during their tour and hopefully will be able to make it to a Full of Hell/The Body/Friendship gig later on in the month. But I got to go with Pure Hell Vol. 2 on August 5th at Studio DOM for the convenience, cost effectiveness, and the noisy brutality of it (Full disclosure, my band GxFxFx will be performing there as well). But the best part is I’ll get to finally see Defnausea and Empyema Hell, two bands I’ve been meaning to see live but haven’t had the chance yet. Plus, the noise grinders Napalm Death is Dead are also performing. So you know it’s gonna’ be noisy and gross and wonderful in all the right ways.

Aaron (editor, not any kind of fish): August 12th is a good Saturday to hit Koenji 20,000v, otherwise known as 二万電圧、a cool venue down near Higashi Koenji station. I was there not long ago, drinking far too much and acting like a damn fool. I passed out in the park and got eaten by mosquitoes, and when I woke up the next day I discovered I had removed my jeans without first unbuckling them or removing my belt, apparently opting instead to slither out of them like a snake. Also they were covered in dirt, presumably from my nap on the ground in the park. Anyway: War for Peace vol. 6 is happening there on the 12th of August, and it`s gonna be a dirty, crusty punk and hardcore show starring a band I played with last spring, those wild boys of Forward. Should be a great time, and 20,000v usually has fairly cheap tickets. See you there, jerks!