Weekend Roundup July 7th - July 9th


Hey there, everyone! It's Weekend Roundup time again! Basically the same old, same old over here, except with 100% more ICBMs flying overhead! That's right, you are always a red button push and 15 minutes away from death, so put down that frustrating Kanji textbook and stop making out with your Super Sonico dakimakura, ya freak! It's time for another hair cell genocide at your local livehouse!


At Koiwa Bush Bash this Friday Friendship and Palm are putting on a loud one. Pro-Tip: Steer clear of the Orange triple stack if you enjoy your hearing.


Fight It Out are headlining a hip-hop filled show with some rappers and fellow hardcore heads Rockcrimaz at Hatsudai Wall.

Out in Osaka at Hokage, it's a "total metal" kind of night featuring Murdiena, Doom metal outfit Black Market from Gifu and others.


On Sunday out at Waseda Zone-B, The Slowmotions, one of my favorites Cheerio and others will be providing music to get intoxicated to.

If you prefer a more intimate venue how about checking out Tanabata Extreme being held in the musical heart of Koenji Studio DOM? If you don't have time to catch all of the bands, make sure you see Sete Star Sept. By the way, if you happen to see Predator, hit us up with some video. We won't give you money (because don't have any video money), but we might buy you a beer (because we have lots of beer money).

Last, but first in my book, is the gig that is going down at Antiknock this Sunday. Spikey punks will be all over the place since it's the first show of WHO KILLED SPIKEY JACKET?'s Studs of Burning tour! If you haven't read our tour write up, check it out here for all the dates, venues, bands, etc.!

See you at Antiknock!

Friday, July 7th

Saturday, July 8th

Sunday, July 9th