Weekend Roundup June 30th - July 2nd


Metal Japanese Punk

It's election time in Japan which means non-stop loudspeaker truck jibberish. If you haven't experienced what it's like to live in Japan during an election check out youtube user TheJapanChannelDcom's video on the topic. Annoying, right? If only we could have LIFE play in the back of a truck every election season.

Avoid the candidate loudspeaker trucks and see a gig this weekend!


Up first on Friday at Bush Bash is North American metalheads SUMAC on their Japanese tour along with Friendship and others.

Next at Hatsudai Wall, we have local hardcore punkers HOW along with Crispy Nuts and a few more bands.


Big grindy, screamy line up this weekend at El Puente! Terror Squad, Sete Star Sept, Disgrunder and others will be ripping up the floor there.

Out in Nagoya at Red Dragon, they have a nice mix of bands playing as The Knockers, Anger Flares, Reality Crisis and Not A Name Soldiers share the stage.


On Sunday, we start off with another huge line up at Nakano Moonstep with Bumped His Head, Esperanto screaming bad asses Corbata and Napalm Death is Dead among others.

Finally, punk is alive and well in Nagoya at Red Dragon with Hiroshima's Mushizu, Malice Panic and others showing what they got.

Have a good weekend and don't forget to bring your earplugs for the walk to the livehouse!

Friday, June 30th

Saturday, July 1st

Sunday, July 2nd