Weekend Roundup June 23rd - 25th


Welp, it's starting to get wet finally. If you are a smart Japan traveler you probably avoid coming here during 梅雨. With all the landslides, torrential rains and flooding all over the country it's a sound choice, but for the rest of you who are taking advantage of the cheap airfare, we got you covered. It's weekend roundup time!


First up on Friday is the first day of a two day ripper at Hatsudai Wall. They are serving up Forward, Warhead, Rydeen and Musha X Kusha for their 18th anniversary! On the 14th they'll have Gun Frontier, 九狼吽 and Crossface. Why not head over to Hatsudai and raise a glass with everyone?

Meanwhile, in Shinjuku at 新宿dues, it's the latest instalment of the now seemingly numberless Grind Freaks gigs. This will be a short, but sweet affair featuring Coffins, Exdeth and, of course, Unholy Grave.


On Saturday, there are a ton of gigs, but there are two that really stand out to me. At Antiknock, Tokyo hardcore OGs, NUMB, are putting on a goodbye gig of sorts for guitarist Kenjiro. They've invited Diedro Los Diablos, Loyal to the Grave, Ni-No Choice in this Matter, Community Trust, Stinky, Crocodile Cox and the Disaster, Saigan Terror, Goodfellowz and Slide to help them send him off in style! You can check out the time table for this gig here on NUMB's facebook page!

The other gig going on this Saturday that caught my attention was the one going on at Earthdom featuring Finnish punkers, Vastusta who are currently touring Japan. Sharing the stage will be Cheb-crusties LIFE, The Last Survivors, Grind Shaft, Questions and Answers, ZyanosE and The Savages.


And last but not least, everyone's favorite pogo label, POGO77 RECORDS, is putting on a record release gig for Tom and Boot Boys' latest 7" titled "PUNKS ARE RIPPED OFF" at Antiknock! Joining Noriyasu and company will be Systematic Death, The Last Survivors, Black and White, Hat Trickers and The Erections.

That's it for now, folks! What do we always say?!

Friday, June 23rd

Saturday, June 24th

Sunday, June 25th