Weekend Roundup May 26th - 28th

Banner photo by Image Noise

It's getting hotter in Tokyo and that means it's Cool Biz and adult wet wipes time once again! The 26th is also Premium Friday so that means if you are a regular grunt working in Japan you get business as usual while your do nothing, know nothing boss gets to start drinking shitty beer from 3:00 pm. Lucky you, wage slave!

You know you could quit your job and go see Kaala's own Jharrod (Jason?) and podcast phantom Daigo destory PitBar as GxFxFx. They will kick off the night at 8 and will be sharing the floor with Summer of Death, The Dead Pan Speakers and Rockcrimaz. Or you could go to Koiwa Bush Bash (what kind of venue name is that?) and see Granule, Shindahogamashi and Encroached noise the place up.

On Saturday, Manzer finishes their Japan tour playing Spiritual Lounge in Sapporo with Abigail and others. If you aren't keen to fly out to Hokkaido for the weekend you could wait until Sunday and go to Shinjuku's Merry-Go-Round to see Hater, Doraid, Murdiena and Casbah play. We're a big fan of Hater so check them out. There's that or you could go see the always incredible Self-Deconstruction play with FLiPOUT A.A (Shout out to the homies!), Apologist, Worms' Meat and 8000 at Nakano Moonstep!

Whatever you decide to do you'll have to go back to work on Monday so get out all that aggression this weekend. Wouldn't want to go to jail for roughing up that bastard boss of yours, would you?

Friday, May 26th

Saturday, May 27th

Sunday, May 28st