Weekend Roundup May 19th - 21st

Canadians are not known for lying. They are known for maple syrup, comedians and, perhaps most famously, the band Loverboy. Once upon a time, Loverboy flooded the airwaves with one of the greatest truisms to ever hit the world's collective conscience: "Everybody's working for the weekend." They weren't lying. Probably because they are Canadian. Anyway, here's what is happening this weekend.

Catheter will be punishing all weekend starting in Osaka on Friday, moving on to Okazaki and coming back to Tokyo for an insane show with Contrast Attitude, Vivisick, Fight It Out and others on Sunday. Manzer starts off their Japan tour in Osaka on Saturday before slapping rikishi in Ryogoku on Sunday. If you feel like worshipping the devil or whatever metal heads like to do, you can do so at Earthdom with Apologist, Necrophile and some other ghouls.

As my buddy Geovanny says: "Stay drunk!"

Friday, May 19th

Saturday, May 20th

Sunday, May 21st