Weekend Roundup: April 28th - 30th

Hail Metalheads, Grindfreaks, Punks, and Scumbags! The weekend before Golden Week is upon us and it's time for booze, moshpits, and some deafeningly loud music. Got a pretty damn good weekend coming up. A few highlights being the OPF at Studio Ongakukan featuring a viscera filled lineup including Pinworm Puella and Undead Daredevil just to name a few! On Sunday, it appears Annihilation Time is hitting Yokohama on their Japan tour! That's only a few of the highlights for this weekend on our calendar! As usual, if you see any shows that should be on our calendar, send us the flyers! See you in the pit!

Friday, April 28th

Saturday, April 29th

Sunday, April 30th