Weekend Roundup: April 21st to 23rd

Hail Metalheads, Grindfreaks, Punks, and Riff Raff! It's the time of the week again where we tell you all about the weather here in Tokyo and make some various forms of small talk. A lot of pretty exciting stuff happening this weekend. Doom are wrapping up their tour tonight in Okinawa. Not a show, but our favorite Metal Bar Bar Brujeria is hosting a killer party filled with booze, and a bit of gore and splatter on the big screen for Splatter Night Returns! And apparently Vomit Remnants are doing a reunion show tomorrow night in Tokyo! Get out there if you can and make sure to check the event page to pick up tickets in advance if there's any left! Also, Broiler and Trikorona are playing a show Sunday to celebrate the release of their new split CD!

Friday, April 21st

Saturday, April 22nd

Sunday, April 23rd