Just 1 in a Long Line Getting Longer: Loudness Cancels US Tour After Being Denied Entry at LAX

We just noticed this on The Chicago Tribune: Japanese metal legends Loudness have had to cancel their entire US tour after being denied entry into the country at LAX due to new immigration policies.

This is just after Wormrot cancelled their tour for the very same reason, and there are more that I won't name here which came before. This is a pattern, folks, and it doesn't look good at all. Being over here, I definitely get the feeling that there's 1 element of the damaging policies of the new administration that are being overlooked, and that is the numerous, tangible effect on the development of culture.

Sure, I get the yuppie-ism filled emails from various Cultural Trusts saying "give us your dollars to stop this now!", the emails of disappointment from venues (who, frequently enough, are a strange match for a band in question), the facebook messages of surprise from people looking forward to seeing a favorite band they never thought they'd be able to see, but it feels like that's sort of where the consideration ends, it terminates in the minutes after without extrapolating from these singular occurences.

Even if you don't like Loudness, or Wormrot, or Grindcore, or Death Metal, all of you ought to be paying attention to this sad course of events. This smells very much like the beginnings of cultural collapse, and doesn't bode well for anyone if taken lightly.

Fortunately, though, I'm the positive type! So what do I have to say to this? Fine, that's how you want to do this? Great. We'll take our creativity, our communities, our business elsewhere. This shit is too big to be confined to one nation, anyway, and its about time the US and Western Europe made room for the other heavy hitters out there who get next to no recognition simply because they aren't in the "right" spot.

I might be working on Kaala in America, but that doesn't mean I'm happy with what this country is doing. Far from it. And while getting our systems set up here will certainly help our overall goals of supporting the excellent music and art that is created the world over, if certain spots don't want it, well, fuck 'em. Build elsewhere.