Weekend Roundup: April 7th - 9th


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Your normal guide to weekend shows, Jharrod, told me he was too busy with "work" to do the Weekend Roundup, but unless "work" is code for "getting your dick stuck in a vending machine" he's probably lying. At any rate, it's up to me, the golorious Kaala editor, to make sure that you dogs get your precious news, so I'm writing this Weekend Roundup despite the noticeable handicap of never having read a single one.

Infest is playing every damn day this weekend, first on Friday at Grind Freaks vol. 99 over at Huck Finn before zipping down to Osaka for a show at King Cobra in Shinsaibashi. Then it's back to Tokyo for East West Fast Blast vol. 14 in Shindaita. Busy weekend for those boys! Try to make it out to at least one of their shows because they're pretty fantastic.

Next, I'm happy to announce that one of my favorite Tokyo bands, End All, is hosting Be All, End All vol. 7 at Shibuya Cyclone, which is a great venue for a great show. Hell, Tainted Dickment will be there too! It's a shame you can't be in two places at once, though, because that same night up at Earthdom in Shinokubo Battle Axe Gig XII will be taking place with such bands as Life and Terror Squad and, to top it off, the always-remarkable Butcher ABC. Talk about a real Sophie's Choice.

There you have it! Tune in next week for the return of Jharrod, because I'll be damned before I do this again.