Staff Picks April 2017

The cherry blossoms are finally blooming, marking the anniversary of when I crash-landed in Tokyo and reunited with that degenerate Aaron, who introduced me to Matt, who then used powerful spells of binding to make me editor-in-chief on this rag. But enough Kaala lore; here are the Staff Picks for the month of April in the year of our Lord 2017.

Jim Broadly, editor-in-chief

AARON (editor, podcast producer, socialist): I'd go to any show with both Terror Squad and Life, but if you tell me Butcher ABC is also playing I'd leave a trail of flames on the earth, just like a cartoon, as I speed toward the venue. "Wait," you call to me, "Zombie Ritual is also playing," but I can't hear you because sound only travels so fast. Long story short: catch me at Battle Axe Gig vol. 12.

JHARROD (researcher, event coordinator, anarchist): Well this month is pretty easy for me. Being busy with preparing to move to a new apartment and taking care of all of the associated errands and chores, I'll be hitting up Infest on the 6th at El Puente. Not only are the Powerviolence legends playing, but Tainted Dickmen, who I’ve missed dearly, will also be playing alongside Abigail, Fuck On the Beach and Systematic Death!

JORDAN (contributor, moderate Republican): It'll be hard to beat Kappunk, but there are some good gigs going down in April. I am thinking of getting totally blasted at a hanami party in Suginami and then heading over to Uguisudani Whats Up for a bit more at the first ever Binge Drinking Party presented by Asuka and the Bum Servants on the second. Trust me you will get all the oi and pogo you can handle. Doom as well as GAUZE are also playing this month; I am broke, though, so we will have to wait and see on those two. Alcohol is expensive.