Question "Search The Unknown" Tour


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When you mention crust in the 90s, the names of a couple cities show up over and over again. The Mini-Apple, as me and other 'Sotans (pronounced with a long "Oh" sound, please) like to call Minneapolis, is at the top of those cities. If you are talking about Minneapolis crust from any period you'll probably run across a couple of familiar names: Misery, DESTROY! and, one of my favorites, Assrash. Although their sound is slightly different from these well known Minneapolis crusties, you have to add Question to that list.

Vocalist Saira Huff (ex Detestation) moved to Minneapolis sometime after the break up of Detestation going on to help form a number of bands before starting Question in 2006. She's since moved from Minneapolis to New York City where she runs her own clothing store On The Edge Of Time, a nod to the band Hawkwind. Luckily enough for us in Japan, Saira and the other members of the band who are scattered across the States aren’t too busy to come here on tour.

Just in time for their tour of Japan, which was organized by DISTRO RAKKOS, Question has released a self-titled on Fashionable Idiots Records. Phenomenal guitar work, super fast drumming and bass with Saira's harsh, throaty vocals really sets Question apart from Minneapolis’s crust past and makes for an crucial hardcore/crust sound.

Question will start their Japanese tour by performing on the first and last days of Kappunk 2017 and ending with what should be an awesome gig with Framtid, Disturd, Organism and DEFUSE at King Cobra in Osaka on the 26th.