Weekend Roundup: March 3rd - 5th

Hail fellow Metalheads, Grindfreaks, Punks, and Riff Raff! Though this weekend seems to be a little quiet, March is already starting to hit up with South Korea's Find the Spot's tour starting this week with Tokyo's Crucial Section! Full details can be found on our tour report here. In the next few weeks, Crust veterans Extreme Noise Terror are going to be hitting Japan's soil and will be finishing up their tour at the last Kappunk festival in Shinjuku! Then, Filapino Black Metal outfit Deiphago are going to be closing out the month with a short tour here. What a time to be alive! In the mean time, check out what's in store for you this weekend! See you in the pit!

Friday, March 3rd

Saturday, March 4th

Sunday, March 5th