Staff Picks March 2017

Jim Broadly

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The weather grows warmer, but my heart remains frozen ever since I slapped that ice-witch in front of her cop boyfriend. Here are the staff recommendations for March in the year of our Lord, 2017.

Jim Broadly, editor-in-chief

Aaron (editor, writer, 7/10): For March, the show I’d hate myself for missing is Grind Freaks vol. 98. I’ve never been to Live Stage Peak Action before and it’s a packed line-up. I've also never seen Life play live, so it’ll be nice to see our new buddy Nori ripping it up on stage. Plus it’s always a pleasure to see Butcher ABC and Unholy Grave, and Second Resurrection seems like a group I’d enjoy. To top it all off, it’s a benefit show with proceeds going to victims of the Tohoku earthquake! There’s no reason NOT to go, basically.

Chris Kaala photographer, hill-farmer, wizard): Hardcore Circus Vol. 20 at Kumagaya Heaven's Rock on March 12th is a must. Doom darlings Greenmachine is playing, and so is Tokyo-suburb Saitama's best grind act, Little Bastards (and don't forget Butcher ABC and Unholy Grave, among others). Also, when I went to see Corrupted at Heaven's Rock in 2009, Matt totally screwed up the trains. He was supposed to meet me at 4pm and shoved up like 3 hours later. Funny, because Kumagaya is about is less than 2 hours from central Tokyo. I guess I overestimated the guy. I still miss him though, and hopefully he had a blast visiting all major Tokyo suburbs that day. Hope to see him back in Japan when his plan of taking over Earth along with the immediate interstellar vicinity is complete.

Jordan (writer, punk mongoose, uninsured vagrant): It’s spring so it’s time for Kappunk-kun to come out of hibernation and save the punks once more… But Kappunk-kun is dead… They found him by the riverside laid out spikey jacket and all. It looks like this is going to be the last Kappunk, possibly forever… so even though I’m really excited I am also a bit sad. I’m sure everyone else in attendance will be as well. The bright side is that there will be some amazing bands playing. Extreme Noise Terror will be playing on the last day right before Death Side and right after Asano Tadanobu’s band SODA!. All the mainstays of Japanese punk will be there and some pretty great bands from overseas like Question (US), Wild Spears (OZ), my buddy Gwang Hang’s band Agari (KOR) and Blatoidea (UK). It’s going to be a great couple of days, but we will all be wondering… Who Killed Spikey Kappa?

Jharrod (writer, researcher, valor-stealer): Hardcore Circus Vol. 20 is a great lineup and the last one I went to was an absolute blast and probably one of the best shows I attended last year. In Matt’s defense, I also got hopelessly lost on my way out there. But I got to see Hater and Little Bastards despite being two hours late and that was awesome. This month, however, I’ll be hitting up Kappunk in Shinjuku.Though I won’t be able to go all three days, the line ups at Kappunk are looking awesome. Last Spring, I only went one day and I regretted not going any other days. This time I’ll get to see some of my favorites, such as Life, Self Deconstruction, and Saigan Terror alongside the legendary Death Side, Abigail, and Extreme Noise Terror. So this month I’ll be making a two day outing to Shinjuku alongside Jordan. With our alcohol addled brains combined, we’re sure to solve the mystery of who killed Kappunk.