Staff Picks January 2017

Jim Broadly

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The new year is upon us! Persephone slowly emerges from Hades, the nights grow shorter, and my Seasonal Affective Disorder gradually retreats back into the depths of my gin-soaked brain. The cold, dead earth awakens again to greet the coming season. Sunrise, sunset. And while this grand cycle continues, cosmic in its scope and scale, the Kaala staff once again gather to discuss their recommendations for the month of January in the year of our Lord, 2017.

Jim Broadly, editor-in-chief

AARON: On Sunday, Jan 15 2017 there’s a combination live event and ramen expo at El Puente in Yokohama. I hate going to Yokohama, but El Puente makes the trip worthwhile and I’d like to see Necrophile again. Fun fact: I spent half an hour trying to translate the kanji on the poster so that I could label the show correctly on the calendar, only to realize too late that someone had already done it. Kaala staff: most efficient. Anyway, Necrophile and ramen sounds like a great way to spend a day, so you’ll see me there.

JORDAN: The gig I’d loooove to be at this month is Vivisick 20th anniversary gig. Exclaim will be playing which is something I am pissed I am going to miss. I love the name of the gig as well -- “Punks Were Made Before Sounds.” Apart from that, all the punks will be at the two day Pogo 77 show on the 8th and 9th. Unfortunately, I am scheduled to be a Capitalist slave that day so I can’t go, but some of my faves (Beer Belly, The Erections, Warhead, etc.) will be playing. Noriyasu will also be appearing as Creamy Noriyasu. Close your eyes and let that splash on your imagination.

JHARROD: (Jharrod was found nude and covered in slime on the banks of the Aomori river earlier today and responded to requests for a show recommendation with aggressive and bewildered posture. “What year is it,” he shouted at us over and over before some sudden realization made him pause and stammer “it’s too late, oh god jesus no I’m too late”. We will update his recommendations when we receive them. -- Jim Broadly)

Edit:Now that I've rested off the insanity of the eldritch terrors I experienced in the great White North of Honshu, I can now get on with my life like a normal, not a totally insane human being. Though I must admit I'm not entirely sure Broadly is a human being anymore, if he ever was. But that must be the booze from New Years talking. Or something. Whatever. In any case, I had a rough toss up for my pick this month. But I've decided to rest on Anomalous Collision 15 for the sole fact that I really dig Exorgrindst, but I haven't been able to see them yet. I'll definitely be hitting up at least one Disrotted show while they're here and probably Far East Brutalizm at Earthdom. So manys shows, so little time.

MATT: This is actually a really tough one - while the schedule isn’t all that packed with shows, there are a lot of *really* great ones. But, I gotta give it to Disrotted - they won my heart in 2015 and this time around it sounds like they’ve got a few more epicly glacial arrangements with notes that run the gamut from between 21 and 22 hz for the unfortunate attendees who should by all means not wear diapers. They’ve got a 6 gig tour, but after talking to them I think the one at El Puente on January 8th with Funeral Moth and Su19b is the one to hit. That’s gonna be a crushing show, and with Disrotted playing for a full 1.5 hours, you can even squeeze a morbid nap in there!

CHRIS: I guess I picked a bad month to be doing gig recommendations since I'll be moving away from Tokyo and up to the great cold Northern Area in Japan, better known as Tohoku (Miyagi Prefecture to be exact) in the beginning of the month. However, I would've loved to check out the January 15th show at the ever so lovely El Puente. You can't beat a bowl of ramen that smells like a.... Necrophile? Probably something worth experiencing, and El Puente is a great, great venue. Sorry Aaron, for being boring and joining in on your top pick. I do have one more though, and that's the Melt-Banana gig on January 14th at Higashi-Kouenji 20.000V. It's kinda rare to see Melt-Banana playing these days, and since the lineup includes Terrorsquad and NoLa, it would be hard not to recommend this.