Staff Recommendations: October 2016


Concert News

This is a new feature here at Kaala and it’s one we should’ve thought of loooooooong before now.  With so many shows going on each month, how does someone new to the scene (or even someone just too busy to look around) figure out which one to go to?  If only someone could take them by the hand and lead them down the proper primrose path!   Well tough shit, we’re not going to do that.  We will, however, tell you which shows we are choosing to attend and upon which we shall spend our very limited funds.  Matt, Jharrod and I all have different tastes and have each chosen at least one “must see” show for the month of October, all of which can be found on our very convenient even calendar.  Check ‘em out!  Guys, you may see us there at the show!

(Do not approach us or acknowledge us in any way)


editor, producer

Mother of god, this is a tough one.  Deathfest (Oct 30th at Kurawood) has a spectacular lineup -- Coffins, Necrophile, and Sex Messiah?  Sweet Jeebus!  Normally there wouldn’t be any question, especially since I just learned that Sex Messiah describes their genre as “Groan of Profanity”, and that is just wonderful.  BUT!  On the 22nd over at Earthdom we’ve got Shoukanreijou ‘16 (which translates to “draft card” or “call-up notice”), and even though I’ve only ever seen two of the bands on the bill before -- Saigon Terror and Fuck On The Beach -- both of those bands blow the face off of my skull, consistently and thoroughly.  I haven’t seen Fuck On The Beach since last year and I’m really looking forward to what is going to be, in my opinion, the most high-energy show of the month.  I go to metal shows often enough that it’s a treat to see some good hardcore punk wildness.  Plus it’s only 1,800 yen and I’m a cheap bastard, so that works out very well for me.


writer, researcher

Decisions, decisions. It’s rarely easy to pick a single must see show of the month. Shoukanreijou ‘16 has a great lineup and is a damn good bargain, but this month I might have to go with Asakusa Deathfest on the 29th. Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation always puts on a high octane Grind set and they don’t play out as often as many of the other bands on our schedule. Also, I’ve been meaning to see Anatomia crush out their heavy as fuck Doom inspired Death Metal again. And Street Metal veterans Abigail are always a sure thing. In addition to these great bands, Rude and Skeletal Remains from the USA will be making an appearance. Joining them will be Hellucinate (Indonesia), Shambles (Thailand), and Carnation (Belgium). It’s not often we get such an international lineup!


Dear Leader

This one’s actually kind of a no-brainer for me. Seeing as I’ll be taking off for the States on the 17th, going to Higashi Koenji of the Dead on the 16th over at Koenji’s 20,000V is perhaps the most excellent and the most terrible idea. Excellent, because of the line up’s pedigree: Sithter’s sludgey punk (remeniscent of a faster Noothgrush IMO); OGD’s frenetic grind; Funeral Moth’s strangely uplifting funeral doom; the dirty street metal of G.A.T.E.S. (and how can it be anything but great, with members of Terror Squad, Church of Misery, and Nepenthes); and then Fucho, who I’ve not yet had the pleasure to witness live. Terrible, because it presumably will involve a whole lot of good-bye beer. Considering my flight is at 5PM on the 17th, I think it’ll be alright and may just give me the perfect combination of hangover and bangover to assist my intercontinental napping, but even if I do unintentionally and briefly homeless myself I think it’ll be a rather fitting sendoff.



I'm gonna be in Osaka so I'm going to Fried to the Rainbow, and if last Saturday is anything to go by I'm probably gonna get stinking goddamn drunk and fall asleep in a train station bathroom and shit myself so hard I sprain my ankle. See you soon, Osaka!