Hardcore September 2016


Concert Japanese underground Tours

You know, I thought about naming this update “Spin Kicks for September”. But then I remembered the last time I tried to bring out the ol’ fashioned dance move when Weekend Nachos was in town. Then I remembered how my back felt as soon as my foot reached about waist level. The memory brought back immediate and searing ghost pains in my lower back and groin. As the saying goes, I should have stretched. But hindsight is 20/20, and this isn’t meant to be about the past. Instead, we’re giving a monster update that will bring smiles to all the Hardcore fans in Japan. Whether you’re into the metallic, youth crew, tough guy, or post-hardcore variants, you’re in for a good time.

So where do we begin? To start, Trapped Under Ice will kick off their tour on September 18th, followed up by Canada’s Chokehold coming in. The two will eventually coalesce at Blood Axe Festival 2016 (full lineup below) alongside Despised Icon, Xibalba, and a slew of other hardcore bands from the USA and Japan. Here at Kaala, we are trying to keep up with all the tours coming in. We will continue to try to keep our readers and calendar up to date as we find out more and collect more flyers. This is what we have so far with the full Blood Axe Lineup after the tour dates.

Trapped Under Ice Tour
Sep. 18: Osaka – At Sunhall
Sep. 19: Mie – At Chaos
Sep. 21: Tokyo – At DOMe W/ Chokehold
Sep. 22: Tokyo – At Shibuya Garret
Sep. 23: Shizouka – At Live House Poco
Sep. 24: Kanagawa – Blood Axe Festival at Club Citta

Chokehold Tour
Sep. 21: Tokyo – At DOMe W/ Trapped Under Ice
Sep. 22: Tokyo – At Era
Sep. 23: Tokyo – At Flat
Sep. 24: Kanagawa – Blood Axe Festival at Club Citta
Sep. 25: Osaka – At Hokage

Despised Icon and Xibalba Tour
Sep. 22: Osaka – At Pangea
Sep. 23: Nagoya – At Club Zion
Sep. 24: Kanagawa – Blood Axe Festival at Club Citta
Sep. 25 Tokyo – At Antiknock W/ Lifeless

What a great month September has been. But the fun isn’t over, there is more to come in the following months. Get on out there, enjoy some great bands with some great people! As usual, if you think we missed something, let us know! See you in the pit!