Summer of Extreme Transnational Brutality Part 2


As you already know, Anaal Nathrakh is hitting Japan’s shores this week with Napalm Death arriving for a week-long tour. Since we published the first part of this series a few short days ago, it’s time for us to move on to the other bands coming to tear it up this week and next month. As it turns out, Suicide Silence is arriving sooner than we realized and are starting their three-day tour today on August 17th. As I was shuffling through our collection of flyers and social media bookmarks, I was happy to see that Hiroshima’s Neuroticos will be joining them for the duration of their tour. You can pick up tickets to all three shows here.

The dates are as follows:
Wed, August 17th – Club Quattro Shibuya (Tokyo)
Thurs, August 18th - Umeda Akaso (Osaka)
Fri, August 19th – Club Quattro Hiroshima (Hiroshima)

Last Thursday, the Kaala crew headed over to Thrash Zone in Yokohama to pick up tickets to ACxDC’s and Cripple Bastard’s shows at El Puente. Thrash Zone is currently the only place to pick up advanced tickets to the dates hosted at El Puente. So be sure to head over there, enjoy some craft brews and get your tickets! We recommend the Speed Kills I.P.A., though you might regret having too many the morning after – I sure as hell did! Don’t worry if you can’t make the Yokohama dates because there are more on the list! Check them out below:

ACxDC w/Tainted Dickmen dates (*advanced tickets at Thrash Zone):
Thu, September 8th – El Puente (Yokohama)*
Fri, September 9th – El Puente (Yokohama)*
Sat, September 10th – Pit Bar (Tokyo)
Sun, September 11th – Hokage (Osaka)
Tue, September 13th – Chaotic Noise (Kochi)
Wed, September 14th – Pepperland (Okayama)
Thu, September 15th – Kieth Flack (Fukouka)
Sat, September 17th – Kurawood (Tokyo) w/Cripple Bastards!

Cripple Bastards dates (* advanced tickets at Thrash Zone):
Sat, September 17th – Kurawood (Tokyo) w/ACxDC
Mon, September 18th – Huck Finn (Nagoya)
Mon, September 19th – Hokage (Osaka)
Tue, September 20th – Kieth Flack (Fukouka)
Wed, September 21st – Pepperland (Okayama)
Thu, September 22nd – El Puente (Yokohama) *

Just a heads up, ACxDC will be breaking up shortly after their tour. So if you’ve wanted to see them live, now is the time to do it. After this, we’ll only be left with their awesome discography and sweet merch. We’re really happy to see both them and Cripple Bastards playing a lot of venues with some fantastic local bands. If you’ve been meaning to get out to a show and haven’t had the chance, come on out. We’ll be waiting for you with some cold brews when you need a break from the pit.