Kaala Deconstructs Self Deconstruction's Demo "Triad"

The “Anomalous Collision” show series organized by Self Deconstruction has become a mainstay in the Tokyo underground. “Anomalous Collision 12” was certainly indicative of the quality of lineups that we have come to expect from the series. Go-Zen, Butcher ABC, Fuck On the Beach, YxAxD, Raging Blast, Self Deconstruction and Tainted Dickmen came together to give me a hyperextended elbow and an April 23rd that I won't forget.

Joking aside though, “Anomalous Collision 12” was also memorable because it was the night that Self Deconstruction released their latest demo, “Triad”. The demo consists of five new original songs and a great cover of Despise You’s “Been Lead” for a total of six tracks which, when put together, come in at a tight four minutes. They describe themselves as a “Freestyle Grindcore” band and without a doubt “Triad” is some of the most blindingly fast and aggressive grind you’ll hear come out of Tokyo, but it’s the “Freestyle” bit that really sets them apart. During their live sets (and even on the “Triad” recording), there is an element to the song structures and guitar work that feels entirely improvised on the spot. During my first few listens on my morning commute, I found myself in awe and wondering how their drummer Jiro keeps up with the seemingly ceaseless tempo and rhythm changes.

“Triad” opens up with the catchy intro to “Taken for Granted” which quickly leads into face ripping riffs and blast beats. It makes a great opening for the demo. Kubine’s vocals carry over the music, switching between nihilistic screams and lower end barks. The song “You Deserve” continues, teasing out what could lead into a catchy hook before going full blast again. Track 5, “Slight”, is my favorite so far. About half way through the song, the guitar takes on a rhythmic build up to the song’s conclusion that infuses a lot of tension leading into a solid and beautifully violent climax.

Fortunately for us, “Triad” isn’t the only thing in the pipe for new material from Self Deconstruction. The demo tracks were recorded alongside eighteen more presumably new songs that the band teased out on their Facebook page leading up to “Anomalous Collision 12”. Here at Kaala we had some questions about what to expect over the next few months, so we reached out to them to find out a bit more and they were kind enough to answer.

With song titles like “Taken for Granted”, “Force Fed”, and “You Deserve”, we were curious as to the content of vocalist Kubine’s lyrics. I haven’t seen any lyrics sheet, and I’m not entirely sure if there are any. Grindcore is known for politically charged verses and polemics. Kubine confirmed that some lyrics were driven by political concerns “because politics is directly connected to our lives”. It seems, however, that the frustrations and anger of daily life are primary influences in song writing. As she pointed out, daily life is indeed filled with ridiculous and seemingly unreasonable aspects.

Regarding the “Freestyle” aspect of the song writing, their guitarist Kuzuha was the person to ask. “I don’t have any particular influence,” he answered. “I make songs with basic practice, improvisation, and am unconsciously influenced by the music I listened to every day. During song writing, I’m careful not to use the same sounds, even for similar phrases.” In response to the “Freestyle” label, Kuzuha clarified that the reason their music has the “Freestyle” sound is because he listens to various genres of music from a unique slant not limited by the general perspective of the genre itself. In any case, his musicianship certainly adds an interesting element to Self Deconstruction that works incredibly well for them.

After “Anomalous Collision 12”, the band made a trip over to South Korea to play a gig with Fecundation, Bamseom Pirates, and NAHU. Shortly after their return, they traveled down to Nagoya to play at "Grind Freaks 85” with grind legends Unholy Grave alongside the up and coming Cudoa, Little Bastards, and many others. Self Deconstruction certainly keeps up a busy schedule.

So what can we expect in the future? Kubine told us that the new 23 song full length album will be released in July on BREAK THE RECORDS. Shortly after that “Anomalous Collision 13” will be held in August as their official album release show, which promises to be an even wilder night. As for “Triad”, it’s a limited release of 50 cassettes (Kubine tells us these are already sold out. Sorry tape collectors!) and 500 CDs. The CDs are still available at their shows and they are currently shopping copies to local record stores and labels. So keep an eye out for it!