Disrotted in Japan 2015: Tour Diary


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Chicago's Disrotted ran amuck throughout Japan's Honshu last month, blasting their slow-as-shit, rot-gut doom. Their vocalist, Adam, was nice enough to write up a tour diary describing their experience. Check it out in both English and Japanese below.

Huge thanks to Zothique for translating! Pato Thornycroft provided all pictures.

Day 1: 
After 15 hours of flying, we finally arrived in Tokyo at 7 PM. We are exhausted from not sleeping, but too excited to lay down. A quick train to the hotel and a quick shower, and we meet up with the Kaala guys for a few beers and a delicious dinner. Spent the night taking in the sights and sounds of Tokyo, and finally go to bed around 5 AM. 

Day 2: 
Not long after going to bed, we get up around 9 AM for breakfast and for our 12PM sound check at Earthdom. I was very happy to be back at this venue, almost a year ago to the day when I played here with Brutal Truth. Meet up with the Kaala crew again, who are carrying around all of our vinyl and shirts we mailed over. What nice guys! 

We put our bags down and grab some essentials: beer, coffee, beer, noodles, beer and pizza. We start playing around 2PM to a small but very enthusiastic crowd. I will always remember this set as one of the loudest shows Disrotted has ever played. Today's show is part of the TJLA Fest, and there are some other bands from the US as well as Germany and Sweden and some amazing local Japanese bands. It was an excellent show that showcased a variety of different styles. Vampillia stands out as the best set from the day. Naru from some legendary bands like CSSO and Butcher ABC is here and it is a real pleasure to meet him in person finally! Bloody Ears & Beer’s Jim Broadly and the Disrotted guys proceed to get very drunk. Dean passes out and everyone snaps a few pictures of him. I sneak away at some point to find some delicious Korean chicken. 

After we said our goodbyes to everyone at the venue, we decided to hang out at a karaoke bar and sing Kelly Clarkson and Beastie Boys songs. I also met Mao from New Japan Pro Wrestling while drinking here as well! I am a huge Japanese wresting fan, so this was a big deal for me. A crazy night that finally ended around 6 AM.

Day 3:
No rest for the wicked. We get up around 9 AM again and enjoy some beers and soup for breakfast. Tonight's show is in Shibuya with GUEVNNA and Su19b and is the release show for our split cd with su19b. On the way to the show we randomly run into Bernie, who used to sing for a Chicago hardcore band called Hostage Situation. After chatting it up on the train platform for a while, we head to the show. It's incredible how nice everyone is we have met on this trip so far! 

The show starts, and GUEVNNA delivers some of the best stoner rock/disco (yes that's right) I have ever heard. Crushing tone, great songs and entertaining to watch. One of the best sets I have seen in a long time. Su19b turned up the volume and delivered a punishing, loud dose of sludge mixed with mini blast beats. A dream to finally see them live. Another fun show in Tokyo and we proceed to drink until sunrise. 

Day 4:
Check out of the hotel and catch the bullet train to Nagoya. We arrive at the venue a little too early, so we decided to walk around to get food and beers. I am not sure what we ordered, but I think John's dish had brains in it. Grab some 7-11 beers and sit in front of the venue. 

This is the first of two nights with Europe's Rectal Smegma. The openers are incredible. ODA Takumi is crushing loud harsh traditional noise, and DGTP remind me of Boredoms, total freakout noise jams. Great stuff! Rectal Smegma sounds great and delivers a pretty insane set. After the show I get very drunk with the Rectal Smegma boys, Shu and Ryo. Too many shots and fried foods are consumed. We are staying in the same hotel for the night, however legend has it that the room they are in is haunted. I leave the table of guys before I take any more of my clothing off (seriously). 

Day 5:
Get up around 9 and catch the bullet train to Osaka. We enjoy another great lunch and meet up with the members of VMO. VMO has members of Vampillia who we played with at Earthdom, and play a killer mix of black metal noise with lots of strobe lights. I try to get a picture of them when they are playing, yet I end up cracking my phone. One of the members of VMO brings us some octopus to try, which ends up being very tasty. Spend a lot of the night talking about how great Bongzilla is with Ryo from GUEVNNA. The guys in Rectal Smegma let us know that they weren't into too much slow music, so naturally we decided to play our slowest set possible for this show. 2 songs, 40 minutes. Sorry guys! Pack up right after our set to catch an overnight bus to Yokohama. Great venue, and it was mind blowing seeing VMO live. 

Day 6: 
Arrive in Yokohama at 7 AM. No sleep at all. The seats on the bus are too tiny for our large American asses, and the heat is cranked all the way up. Ryohei from su19b meets us, and takes us to a wonderful cafe that had showers, food, nap rooms, TV and free coffee. We catch some rest for a few hours until we meet up with the guys in Deche Charge, 2 Minute Dreka, Sedem Minut Strachu. We all put our bags down at El Puente, the venue we are playing, and head on the train. The large group of us go to visit The Great Buddha Kamakura and it is a wonderful experience. After a day of walking around and looking at temples, we all head back to the show.

El Puente is run by one of the friendliest men I have ever met in my life - Shiggy. The venue is top notch and it is an honor to be here! The lineup for tonight includes su19b, Self Deconstruction, 2 Minute Dreka, Sedem Minut Strachu, Deche Charge, Dark Horse, Final Exit and Funeral Moth. Fucking amazing lineup and one of the best shows we have ever played/attended. The man behind Catasexual Urge Motivation (which is one of my all time favorite bands) is in attendance and I give him a free LP. Every band this night was incredible and the energy in the crowd was perfect. We end the set with "Spell of Madness", a song Ryohei requested, yet a song we haven't practiced in nearly 6 months. Everything goes well, and everyone parties until sunrise. 

Day 7: 
Hungover train ride back with the guys in Dark Horse. Check into our Tokyo hotel room. Quiet day for the most part until we go to see a noise show that night. Facialmess does a collaboration set with Hiko from Gauze, that features harsh noise and insane blast beats for the entire duration of the set. Hiroshi Hasegawa - a true noise legend also known as Astro - does a collaboration with a few others and is a great cap for the night. Great venue, and shout out to the DJ who was playing medical audio tapes and cyber goregrind mixed with weird noise and psych music. More noodles and beer. We end the night by going to my favorite bar in Japan - Deathmatch which is in the heart of the chaos known as Shinjuku. This bar has everything I love - Iron Maiden and horror movies! It's a home away from home. 

Day 8: 
Meet up with Bernie. Takes us around town and we end up at Bull Nakano's girl's bar. Bull Nakano was one of the best women's wrestlers ever to come from Japan, and this was a complete honor for me to be here. Many pictures are taken, and I get to watch about 6 or 7 full matches on the big screen while here. The other guys aren't into wrestling much, so this was just a gift for me. We all head to OEF and watch Unholy Grave deliver another fine set of classic grindcore. This band is perfect and never disappoints live. 

Day 9: 
We are all pretty tired. Spend the day shopping for gifts to take back home. Show up at OEF and catch Melt Banana. One of the loudest bands I have seen in a long time, and full of energy. Such a powerful performance from this legendary band! I have seen them many times over the past decade, and this one was the best yet. Pizza Hut in the hotel room ends the night. 

Day 10: 
We wake up early, pack our bags and check out. We meet up with legendary experimental noise guitarist Tetsuji Akiyama for one final meal before the long journey home. Bellies full, we head on the train. Run into Black Label Society at the airport. We end up grabbing another round of sushi. Check in, and sleep the whole ride back home. 

This was our first tour overseas, and our first tour not using our own gear, which is a vital part of our live sound. Everything went great, and this could not have been done without the help of Ryo Yamada from GUEVNNA and Ryohei from su19b, and our friends over at Kaala. All of the venues were great, and the fans were the best we have ever played in front of. Thanks to Naru from Obliteration Records for releasing our split cd with su19b in time for the tour, and to Shu for helping translate my interview for BE&B. Thanks to Jim Broadly of Bloody Ears & Beer and Mark from Japanese Extreme Podcast for inviting me on and conducting the show. Thank you to everyone who helped bring us over, and who came to our shows and bought merch. Extra thanks to our roadie/photographer/friend for life Pato and finally to Boss coffee. We love Boss coffee. We will be back in 2016.