Past Events

Akiba Extreme 20

Sun, Oct 14 2018 7:30PM - 10PM

FUBAR Tour 5

Sun, May 6 2018 5PM - 10PM

Asakusa Deathfest 2017 Day 3

Sun, Oct 29 2017 1PM - 10:30PM

Brought to you by the beasts over at Obliteration Records!

Nekrofilth Tour 1

Fri, May 12 2017 7PM - 10PM

Asakusa Deathfest 2016 Day 1

Sat, Oct 29 2016 2PM - 10PM

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Track List

1. SKELETAL REMAINS - Euphoric Bloodfeast
Taken from "Condemned to Misery" 2015 (F.D.A. Rekotz)

2. RUDE - Haunted
Taken from "Soul Recall" 2014 (F.D.A. Rekotz)

3. COFFINS - Under The Stench (Alternate version)
Taken from "Noise Room Sessions 2014" 7'ep (HMVP Records 2016)

4. ABIGAIL - The Final Damnation
Taken from "The Final Damnation" 2016 (NWN! Productions)

5. SEX MESSIAH - Electric Mass
Recorded in Sep 2016. Contact :

6. ANATOMIA - Cadaveric Dissection
Taken from "Decaying in Obscurity" album 2012 (NWN! Productions)

7. F.I.D. - Gaze

8. NECROPHILE - Night of the Gloomy Narcist
Taken from "Dissociated Modernity" EP 1991

9. SCARRED - Cinder

10.CARNATION - Explosive Cadavers
Taken from "Cemetery of the Insane" EP 2015 (Final Gate Records)

11. SHAMBLES - Bitter Abysmal Depths
Taken from "Realm of Darkness Shrine" 2016

12. HELLUCINATE - Behold, The Scumbag Elites!
Taken from the upcoming new album "Savage Fucking Madness"

13. DEADLY SPAWN - Omnipotence Is Impotence>br> Taken from "From Beyond the Dark" 2008 (Weird Truth Productions)

14. DEADSQUAD - Dimensi Keterasingan
Taken from "Horror Vision" album 2009 (Rottrevore Records)

Yagate Shioreru Hana Vol. 1

Sat, Sep 17 2016 6PM - 10PM

@heavysick Zero
Miasma Death

Fareast Death Cult Vol. 2

Sun, Aug 28 2016 4:30PM - 10:30PM

@Socore Factory
Sex Messiah
Terror Squad

Conspiracy in Shizuoka

Sat, Jun 11 2016 4PM - 10:30PM

Presented by Tokyo's Disco-Doomsters GUEVNNA. It is their first time organizing a gig outside of Tokyo, and is quite the show to be wary of!

In addition to GUEVNNA are Nagoya's resident Grind Freaks Unholy Grave playing their well-known and rightfully-feared blistering Grindcore (and for the first time in 3 years in Shizuoka City!). Anatomia's frightening slow-burn Death Metal also hasn't been heard in Shizuoka since last year, and that is paired with both World End Man's Punk-infected Death Metal and Herrschaft's Melodic New Take on Old-School DM for good measure. Finally add onto that Murdiena's Thrashing heaviness and Devoid's headbanging hardcore, and you've got a truly brvtal stew cooking!

Some additional happy news: World End Man will be appearing at Bay Area Deathfest in July 2016, and Unholy Grave has been confirmed for California Deathfest in October 2016!

Infernal Curse Japan Tour 2016 Day 2

Sun, Jan 24 2016 6PM - 10:30PM

Blood Rite Vol. 6

Tue, Oct 14 2014 6:30PM - 10:30PM

Blood Rite Productions presents... Note: Due to weather conditions, Undergang is unable to make the show. In their place, Retch will perform.

Blood Rite Vol. 1

Sat, Mar 2 2013 6PM - 10:30PM

Blood Rite Productions presents...